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What do You do if You Get Water in Your Furnace?

Water leakage from the furnace might cause serious flooding and damage to the entire system. The water might enter the pipes, ductwork along with the air conditioner if left unchecked. These components are highly sensitive and might also cause short circuits if proper care is not taken. Ensure to contact furnace service in Lewiston, ID, before further damage is caused.

Some elements that are to be considered with water getting into the furnace are as follows:

Condensation Leak

Condensation leak is said to be one of the most common causes of furnace leak. There are a lot of furnaces that work in a very effective manner. The AFUE rating might as well be above 90. This kind of furnace might as well hold two heat exchanges that lead to the release of more heat.

The condensation caused, as a result, is often the result of the flood. With increased flooding or clogging, the furnace might ultimately crack and break.

Air Conditioner Leak

If the climatic condition is warm, like in tropical places, both furnace and air conditioner are used simultaneously. If the air conditioner is being used along with the furnace, it might cause condensation with water dripping. If the furnace leaks further, it might affect the ceiling due to the moisture present in it.

Humidifier Leak

Another impact of a furnace storing water is the leaking of the humidifier. If there is a clog in the humidifier, it will eventually leak. The side effect of it is that the entire plumbing gets affected due to it and will increase the moisture quotient in the air. If there is any leakage in the system, it will probably drip water around the furnace.

Clogged Filter

There are chances that the filter in the furnace is dirty. If kept unclean for a long period, the accumulated dirt might eventually clog the filter and cause airflow restriction. This will eventually affect the furnace coil and might impact the freezing of the coil with the water getting leaked and pooling around the furnace. This is not the safest situation and needs a quick solution. It is recommended to contact a heating repair in Lewiston, ID, at the earliest to solve the problem and ensure that no further damage is done.

Plumbing Leak

Revealing the furnace leaking water might also direct to the plumbing problem in which the joints are not set right. The issue might not crop in with the furnace but might as well impact it nevertheless. Yet, there is a need for a professional to solve the plumbing leak. It is to ensure that the furnace doesn’t get affected due to it.

Heat Exchanger Issue

If there is trouble with the heat exchanger in the furnace, then it might eventually lead to water leakage. It is one of the most expensive leakages in the entire plumbing system. This is a rare phenomenon to occur but might as well be noticed. The only manner to solve this is with the installation of a new unit. It is recommended to be done by a trained technician of furnace service in Lewiston, ID.

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