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Warning Signs Of Dirty Furnace Filters

Dirty filters risk your family’s health in the long term. So it is important to comprehend the indications of dirty furnace filters and act rapidly, and you should go for heating service Lewiston ID to keep your family healthy.

Indications That You Have A Dirty Furnace Filter:
  • Are You Sick More Often?

There are health hazards related to dirty furnace filters, but it is another thing to understand the indications. They are not estimated to be severe. You could feel congested when you wake up or have a dry cough or your eyes feel a burning sensation.

It is simple to avoid these indications or name them as allergies. But dirty filters in furnaces or HVAC setups can make your allergies feel more severe.

  • Higher Bills

The standard utility price charts are how you budget your money and modify your thermostat. Often valid energy bills that see an abrupt spike, particularly in the winter months, indicate dirty furnace filters.

It is because when you start your heating system, it grabs in the air to heat and re-circulate through your heating tubes. When your system labors hard to grab that air, it uses additional energy.

  • Dust

Your furnace filters segregate dust and other dirt elements from the air disseminated through your house. Dirty or jammed furnace filters can not conduct this task.

The dust segregates and sits on your home’s textures as this dirty air circulates. If you are paying too much time clearing during the winter season, it indicates a dirty furnace filter. Take professional help like heating service Lewiston ID.

  • Lack of Heat

If you notice that your house does not warm as it used to with the heater, or it might take longer for It to heat up, this may be an indication that you have a dirty furnace.

It indicates that your furnace is clogged as a dirty furnace filter interferes with the heating cycle. This implies your system operates longer and delivers less heat.

  • Burning Smell

Frequently, you will notice a slight burning smell, which could be normal. But there is a problem if you feel a burning smell throughout the winter season.

Your furnace requires a specific quantity of airflow through it to prevent overheating. If your filters are jammed, your system can not pull that air. Call specialists like furnace tune-up Lewiston ID.

  • Fails the White Sheet Test

All of the indications above are nice strategies to infer if you require to change your furnace filter. If you are unsure about any of the previous signs, you can perform a white sheet test.

This involves swinging a white bedsheet 6 to 8 inches away from one heater and leaving this sheet for 1 to 2 hours. As the heated air gusts from the vents to the sheet, it will strike with whatever dust is in your system. So if the air turns the white sheet into gray or black, it is confirmed that you have a dirty filter.

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