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Should You Hit The Reset Button On Your Furnace?

The use of an easy spottable red button on your furnace is misinterpreted many times by people. It is there to reset the entire system when the furnace detects the problem in the system’s functioning. Some common myths need to be avoided while using that red button of your furnace.

Why Is There A Red Button On The Furnace?

The red button acts as a safety measure for the minor problems caused in the furnace while it functions. It triggers the whole system automatically and switches off the whole furnace system when it detects the problem in functioning.

The major problems in the furnace cannot be detected by these safety measures and require other services. You can visit the heating repair in Lewiston Id to get your furnace repaired. However, the rebooting system might sometimes happen on its own, and the system will start again at its own pace.

What Factors Can Trip The Red Button?

The burner’s flame is connected to the red button of the furnace and works when the flame goes off. The reset button would trip automatically when the flame of the burner goes out. The system prepares to reset after the red button automatically gets tripped. Some of the reasons behind the burner’s flameout are:

  • Insufficient Fuel

One of the most basic reasons behind the flameout can be insufficient fuel in the tank. When you keep your fuel tank full, it has its benefits associated with it. However, if your furnace’s red button gets tripped, you can contact the heating service Lewiston Id to get your furnace repaired.

  • Locked Valves

The valves of the furnace might be closed, which makes the flames go out. It is important to keep checking the valves. Therefore, if your reset button of the furnace gets tripped automatically, you should check the valves of the furnace.

  • Clogged Flame Sensor

The clogged sensor can be repaired at heating service Lewiston Id easily and be fixed. The clogged flame sensor might not sense the flame and automatically switches the red button off.

Resetting Your Furnace via The Red Button

It is not difficult to reset your furnace through the easy-to-spot red button on it. However, You can follow the following steps to reset your furnace:

  • Spot The Reset Button

The red button is easily spottable on the furnace and is generally located on the lower part of the system.

  • Press It When You Detect A Problem

You should only press the red button when you detect the problem with the furnace rather than on some random issue. You can press the button after locating the circuit breaker.

  • Avoid Pressing It Multiple Times

If the red button keeps popping out, you wouldn’t need to press it again and again. Once you have pressed the red button, it will reset the system on its own.

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