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How Long Does it Take to Install an HVAC Unit?

Air conditioning installation in Lewiston, ID, is on the rise with the fluctuating temperatures and heatwaves! Our hot and humid summers can be miserable without a reliable way of cooling the air and the winters can sometimes be warm enough to require a reliable air conditioning system.

How Long Does it Take?

Installing can usually be done in a day or two. It presumes that the weather is clear and that no changes to your home are necessary. The expert will show up, cover your flooring and furniture to protect them while they are being worked on, remove your old unit, install the new one, and test it before pronouncing victory. A specialist will walk you through each step and ensure everything is done correctly while being professional and polite.
This rough schedule assumes you’re replacing an existing AC unit with a similar AC unit or that your installation won’t require additional work. But occasionally, it does. For instance, you might require ductwork put in a house without any already, or you might wish to construct a geothermal system and need to allow time to dig holes for the tubing. In that situation, it might take more time than a straightforward operation.

Factors Influencing Installation Time

Consult with a licensed HVAC expert as soon as possible to maintain reasonable expectations. Only a small amount of information may be found online. A professional inspection of your home is required to determine the required work.

A Qualified HVAC Specialist will Consider:

The Size of Your House

More vents must be fitted throughout the rooms of a larger home.

Where You Live

Installing an air conditioner will be much simpler if you have a backyard rather than if you reside on the highest floor of a high rise condominium or apartment complex.

The State of the Home's Ductwork

Dust, mold, mildew, gaps, leaks, cracks, etc. All of these problems will gradually seep into your ductwork. Another justification for scheduling regular HVAC service at least every year is that it is essential. It will add hours to the installation if it is not well maintained and must be replaced when the air conditioner is installed.

If You're Replacing the Whole AC System

If the inside of your air conditioner has to be changed, but the outside does not (yet), the outside portion’s time is running out. Also, the opposite. We advise updating the complete system at once because of this. By doing this, compatibility is ensured, resulting in the effective operation of the air conditioner.

Adjust According to your Needs

Regardless of the circumstances, you should always request a quote from your service expert for the cost and duration of the work. Once you have a schedule, you can confidently prepare for the installation and allow the expert to do his job.
However, if money is scarce, it’s acceptable to replace it one piece at a time. Just remember that you’ll soon need to replace the other. And if you only change one section at a time, the installation will be faster. In most cases, one full day is sufficient to complete the installation in a place that is simple to work with and doesn’t require additional ducting. Any issues will increase the installation’s duration and expense.

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