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How Do You Prevent Your AC From Exploding?

Air conditioning units were not built to explode, but you may hear a rare story about an AC explosion. In this article, we’ve discussed the root causes of these explosions. We will also discuss the preventive measures you can take to prevent your air conditioner from exploding.

Reasons for AC explosion

According to most contractors who provide air conditioning replacement in Lewiston, ID, there are four main reasons for explosions.

1. Cause: Overheating

Overheating is the main cause of an air conditioner explosion. This overheating can be due to irregular or lack of maintenance, which has caused the unit to be blocked. To get around this blockage, the unit uses extra electricity, which overheats the unit.

Preventive measure: Two things can be done to prevent your air conditioner from overheating. Firstly, you will have to call for an AC repair in Lewiston, ID, regularly. This makes sure all dirt is removed. And secondly, when your air conditioner is working, you check manually to ensure the unit isn’t overheating.

2. Cause: Electrical Wiring

When you call for an air conditioning installation in Lewiston, ID, they install your unit and double-check all the electrical wiring. However, if one of the wires is lost or if they aren’t connected properly, an electrical fire may start. This will then cause the unit to explode.

Preventive measure: The best solution for this is to ensure your contractor checks and double-checks the electrical wiring in your AC system. Every time you call for an AC repair in Lewiston, ID, make sure to ask them to check the wiring. Frayed or old wiring can be replaced without too many expenses.

3. Cause: Lack of or No Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, it becomes impossible to make sure all parts inside the AC are working properly. Frayed, cracked, broken, or chipped parts can easily generate a spark that can turn into a fire and an explosion.

Preventive measure: When you called for an air conditioning installation in Lewiston, ID, your contractor probably recommended a maintenance package with the service. This maintenance package is manufacturer-approved and ensures your AC never explodes.

4. Cause: Flammable Objects

Placing flammable objects like candles near the air conditioning unit can cause an explosion. While the refrigerant or other fluids inside the unit aren’t flammable, some of the greenhouse gasses generated can catch fire.

Preventive Measure: It’s recommended that you don’t place a candle or any other flammable object within 2-3 feet of the air conditioner. Older units that use R-22 refrigerant are particularly in danger. Furthermore, if there is a store near your location, you recommend unplugging your air conditioning unit.

As you can see, most of these problems can be solved by partnering with a reliable and good HVAC contractor. If you’re still looking for a contractor, you can partner with Unlimited Heating & Refrigeration Inc.

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