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How Do You Know When Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Replaced?

Summer is here, and it’s time to create a positive environment and have fun in the sun to beat the winter blues. But is your air conditioning system up-to-date to provide you with cooling as the summer temperature rises to the top? If your AC system is more than 10-15 years old, you should start looking for a new AC system to replace your old one instead of calling AC maintenance services.

What are the Tell-Tale Signs that Indicate you need an AC Replacement Service?

Age is not the sole factor that indicates that it is time for AC replacement service. Here are some warning signs that you need an air conditioning installation in Lewiston, ID:

Insufficient cool air and limited airflow: If it has become a regular thing and you have made peace with the fact that your AC will not provide you with high-quality services, then it is your first sign that you need a replacement service. The AC components get exhausted from working excessively, and their performance reduces as time goes by.

The buildup of moisture: Evaporation coils are responsible for removing the excess water vapors from the living space and maintaining a neutral environment inside the outdoor unit. It may cause the system to underperform and pose a health risk to you and your family.

Loud and strange sounds: Have you ever noticed that your AC is noisier than it used to be? The presence of sounds like grinding or chattering is not regular noise. These noises indicate issues with the AC parts, and repairing these issues can generate an expensive bill.

Refrigerant: If your AC system was manufactured before 2010, you have no choice but to bring in a new AC system. All the old AC models are designed to use R-22 as their refrigeration gas. However, due to environmental safety concerns, R-22 gas has now been restricted by the EPA from any further use.

Frequent calls to AC repairing center – The most frustrating part regarding the air conditioning system is when it breaks down; your household tasks will be halted until the air conditioning replacement professionals in Lewiston, ID, comes and resolves the problem. If you find yourself calling the AC technician frequently, and complaining about the AC system, maybe it is best to bring in a new air conditioner.

Old air conditioning system – It is beneficial for your health and your pocket if you replace the air conditioning system within 15 years of its purchase. New technologies are replacing old ones quickly, so instead of utilizing your energy to find the rare spare parts, you can use it to find yourself a new AC system.

AC thermostat – A thermostat is a technical equipment to operate the air conditioning system according to your needs. However, if you find difficulties handling the thermostat or the sensor is not working, you need a new thermostat. Our air conditioning installation experts in Lewiston, ID, would recommend investing in a new programmable thermostat from HVAC companies.


Increased energy bills are also an indicator that your AC system uses an excessive power supply to deliver minimum-quality services. Call Unlimited Heating and Refrigeration Inc.’s technicians for air conditioning replacement in Lewiston, ID, for a quick house estimation service to buy a new and better replacement AC system.