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How Do You Fix a Heating System?

Without a fully-working heating system, surviving in the Idaho winter can be difficult. However, what happens if your heating system breaks down? Should you call for heating repair in Lewiston, ID, or is there something you can do before making the call? The answer is yes to both. While calling a repair service should be your first solution, there is something you can do.

Here are the top 5 things you can fix a heating system before calling a repair service.

Top 5 Tips for Heating Repair


1. Check and Clean the Air Filters in the Unit:

Clogged and dirty air filters are often the reason for HVAC problems. When these parts are dirty, they make it difficult for the warm air to pass, increasing the unit’s pressure. This, in turn, may cause internal damage or may cause your heating unit to be overwhelmed and break down completely. If they are dirty, clean them.

2. Check your Thermostat:

The thermostat in your home controls the temperature of all working HVAC units in your home. Therefore, for your home to be maintained at specific temperatures, the HVAC unit should sync with the thermostat. It is often possible that the units are no longer in sync, which is causing the problem. Recalibrate your thermostat to see whether the heating restarts.

3. Check your Electrical Circuit:

When your heaters stop working, the first thing to do is determine whether the fuse or the circuit breaker has dripped. You can check the fuse and circuit breaker of your home and that on your furnace/heating unit to determine whether there’s a problem. Do not try to solve this problem yourself. Call a contractor for heating repair in Lewiston, ID.

4. Inspect your Fuel Line:

If your heating unit works on gas, propane, or oil, you also need to check whether the fuel line is okay. If the fuel line is clogged or broken, the fuel may leak out and not reach the heating unit. Therefore, the furnace may not have any fuel to generate the heat.

5. Inspect your Ductwork:

The last thing to do would be to inspect your ductwork. Sometimes the heating unit is working perfectly, but the ducts are closed. This is a simple enough mistake to remedy. Therefore, before calling a contractor to inspect air ducts in all rooms to ensure they are open. Also, determine if your home has hot and cold spots.

Additional Tip:


If you want to avoid having any types of heating problems in the future, calling a good contractor for a furnace tune-up in Lewiston, ID, might be a good idea. Regular maintenance and tune-ups will keep your furnace, and all other types of heating units working efficiently and allow you to save money on HVAC repair.

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