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How Do You Tell If Your Furnace Filter Needs Changing?

Constant usage of the system will lead to the wearing down of its quality. There might be causes of dirt accumulation, breaking down along with the quality of the air impacted. All these are mainly caused due to improper ventilation from the furnace, which demands for the filter to be cleaned or changed.

Before confirming the case, check the airflow and then remove the filter. If found dirty, then the furnace filter might require a change and cleansing. It is not recommended to do it yourself, as the filters are very lightweight and fragile. Harsh handling of it might break or tear it. Thus, contact an expert from furnace maintenance Lewiston ID for more in-depth details.

Signs That The Furnace Needs to be Changed

The furnace might not be working effectively majorly because of dust accumulation in the filter. Some of the signs that indicate that a furnace filter has to be changed are as follows:

Presence of Bulge in The Furnace

It is a common instance in which the furnace accumulates a lot of dirt that it ends up collecting together and creating a bulge. This bulge can easily be recognized and might as well be causing the improper functioning of the furnace.

Filter Debris Falls off When Removed

When the filter is removed to clean or otherwise, if the debris falls off constantly, even without directly touching it, then it might indicate that there is too much accumulation of dirt. It is necessary to constantly clean the furnace filter with the experts of furnace tune-up Lewiston ID so that this issue can be avoided. The spread of debris and dirt in the air might as well cause allergic reactions along with infections.

More Airflow Without the Filter in the Furnace

If the airflow in your house seems to be more intense without the filter, in contrast to the airflow with the filter, it might be due to the dirt in the furnace filter. The dirt that is present in the furnace might block the pores. This might lead to the filling up of dirt and the minimization of airflow. Eventually, when the air filter is cleaned, the airflow might increase as well.

Some Additional Point to Understand the Debris Build up in the Furnace Filter is:

  • Filter Thickness

The thickness of the filter plays a major role in deciding the amount of debris that will stay accumulated in the furnace. If the filter is thicker, then it means the pleats are thicker as well. This will mean that there can be more airflow, and in turn, more dirt accumulation.

  • Smaller Pores

If the filter has a lot of large pores in the net, then there are high chances that the filter will accumulate more dirt compared to large pores. Although it might clean the air more effectively, a small pored filter will catch more debris and dirt. For more details regarding the water leak in the furnace, contact Unlimited Heating and Refrigeration Inc at (208) 596-7757.