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How Can I Make My Air Conditioner Colder At Home?

Everyone wants a comfortable, relaxed feel in hot summers and wants the air conditioner to cool faster. An air conditioner cannot work beyond its factory specification. However, a few tips and tricks help enhance the cooling and make your air conditioner colder. Here are some steps suggested to increase the cooling of the air conditioner.

Clean or Replace Filters

Air conditioner filters get clogged by the fine particles of dust, making the AC work harder and use more power. It also increases the electricity bill. Therefore, you need to clean your AC filters. Firstly, to clean the filters, always turn off the AC while doing this. Next, remove the AC filters and wash them with foam base or shampoo water. They are not hard to clean and don’t apply much pressure. Use a soft brush if necessary. After cleaning, dry them in the shade or under the ceiling fan. Once they dry completely, place them correctly and turn on the AC.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The condenser coil gets dirty by dust and other particles. Turn off the power and use a mild pressure hose pipe to clean it. Spray the water all over the unit back and forth to wash off all the dust and gently remove if something is stuck in the coil. After washing, make sure the team has dried completely, don’t turn on the power unless it’s dried completely. Then, turn on the AC. Filters are not that costly to replace; you just need a reliable service of AC Repair in Lewiston, ID.

Block the Air Leaks

It might be the case that the cooling is leaking from the empty spaces in your room. Try to make the room an airtight box to reduce the cooling leaks. Cover the leaks from under the doors and windows. Find the areas, holes, and spaces where the cooling might be leaking and block them. Use adhesive-backed weatherstripping tape. Furthermore, for gaps and cracks, use caulking or expandable spray foam.

Installing Fans

Using a ceiling fan can bring down the room temperature slightly. The fan will make you feel cool a little earlier, even if the room is not that cool. This is also a cost-effective option compared to a complete unit replacement.

Cross Breeze

Ventilation works crossways, so open diagonal windows of the room after sunset. This allows the wind to enter from one window and exit from another. It will also cool down the room slightly, so do this after the sunset or at night.

Close Rooms

Close the rooms you are not using, as the heat gets transferred from one room to another. Keep the washroom door closed, as well. The heat of other rooms should not enter your room because it will increase the burden on the AC. So, make sure the doors of other rooms are closed.


Air conditioners might be having some mechanical issues. A weak compressor, low AC gas level, and problems in the outdoor unit affect the cooling of the AC. It is natural not to understand how to fix the unit. You just need the Unlimited Heating and Refrigeration Inc by your side. So, contact Unlimited heating and refrigeration inc. today for easy AC repair services in Lewiston at 208-596-7757.