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A Simple Checklist to Maintain Your Furnace

Maintaining the furnace is one of the key responsibilities of any homeowner. Most contractors who provide heating tune-ups in Lewiston, ID, recommend maintaining your furnace at least once a year to ensure it works in an optimal condition. However, when you do start on this chore, what parts do you need to look at? Do you know which parts require extra attention and which require special measures? Thankfully, we have created a simple checklist of 7 pointers to help you out.

7 Items That Will Help You Maintain Your Furnace


1. Your Fuel Line:

Think of the fuel line of your furnace as the heart of the system. Without this, your furnace will never be able to provide warm air. Inspecting your fuel line should be done regularly. Determine whether any cracks are causing leakage. You should also inspect the line to see whether any part is broken or weakened.

2. Your Air Filters:

The air filters are the backbone of your heating system. When you start maintaining your heating unit, the next thing you should check on is the air filters. These should be cleaned and unclogged. You can easily do this with the help of soap and water.

3. Blower Motor:

Inspect the blower motor on your furnace to determine whether it is functioning correctly. This motor controls the fan of your unit. If it isn’t, we recommend calling furnace maintenance in Lewiston, ID, instead of trying a DIY. An improper repair in the motor can permanently and irreversibly harm your furnace.

4. Air Vents:

Air vents aren’t a part of the furnace, but they are crucial for your HVAC system. Therefore, inspecting and cleaning these should be a priority. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris or dirt that has accumulated during the summer.

5. Thermostat:

It would help if you regularly did Re-calibration of your thermostat. If you have a smart thermostat, it controls the energy efficiency of your entire home, i.e., it controls the function of all heating and cooling units. Therefore, calibrate the thermostat according to instruction manuals.

6. Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

If you have a fuel furnace that runs on gas, propane, oil, or firewood, your home may also have a carbon monoxide detector. This detector should be inspected and maintained. Often, this means replacing the batteries, but it can cause other problems, and you may need to call furnace maintenance in Lewiston, ID, to solve them.

7. Electrical Wiring and Controls:

This is a crucial element and requires a professional opinion. If you have professional training in handling electrical wiring, you may not need to call a profession. However, if you don’t, getting your electrical wiring inspected is a must. This will prevent any wiring-related fires.

For more simple tips and checklist items, you can take the advice of experts at Unlimited Heating & Refrigeration Inc. They provide a variety of services, including heating tune-up in Lewiston, ID. To book our services, you can call us on (208)-596-7757.