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5 Signs That You Need To Change Your AC Filter

All we need during the days of heat and sweat is a room filled with cool and fresh air. A room with a working air conditioner can be very rewarding in the summer. However, some of you might notice that your AC is not generating cool air as it once used to. It is the perfect time to know that you have to change the filter of the AC.
Unlimited Heating & Refrigeration Inc. brings you AC repair services in Lewiston, ID, and can guide you to look for five signs to change your AC filter.

Signs that it’s time to change the AC filter:

1. Less Cooling in the Room

If your AC is not generating cool air as it used to, you might want to check your AC filter. A dirty or broken filter won’t generate fresh air. Call a professional to assist with your problem if it is either of the possibilities.

Less or no cooling of AC is one of the first signs that can help you find out the condition of the AC filters.

2. When the HVAC System is Hot

If you find that your AC unit is heating up quickly, it is a sign for you to check the filters. Since broken or dirty filters can limit air ventilation, the newly generated air accumulates inside the machine. It can add a lot of pressure to the system. Hence, an HVAC professional might ask you to clean or replace the filters.

3. Debris around the Ducts

A spoiled AC filter can cause dust to build up near the AC unit. You should change the filters if you notice dust and debris around the ducts. Debris around the vents indicates that a layer of dust is sitting on the AC filter.

Regular AC servicing and cleaning are required to avoid dust build-up in the AC and surrounding areas.

4. Your Allergies have began to Worsen

As the dust gets collected on the filters, a layer of toxins is formed on the filter. So, when you turn on the AC, these toxins flow with the air in the room. It can harm your health or worsen the existing allergies. When you notice some changes in your allergies indoors, you must call an AC Repair professional and get the filters changed.

5. High Power Usage

Dirty or broken AC filters can put a lot of pressure on the HVAC unit. It leads to pulling out more electric power to work effectively. This imbalance of voltage is reflected in the electricity bill. If your electricity bill is more compared to previous months, you must get the filter changed.

To avoid higher costs, conduct regular supervision and services for your air conditioner. It is beneficial for the long term and can save you a lot of money.

If you recently have bought a new AC unit for your house and don’t have the means to install it, feel free to call us for air conditioning installation in Lewiston, ID.

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