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4 Easy Furnace Maintenance Tips You Can Use Right Now

Your heating system should be inspected before winter hits to stay efficient and reliable. Performing annual furnace tune-up in Lewiston, ID, can save you time and money by ensuring your furnace operates safely, efficiently, and according to manufacturer specifications.

When your furnace performs at its best, you’ll be more comfortable, your home’s air will be cleaner, and you’ll extend the life of your system. Keep reading further if you want to learn more about furnace maintenance tips in Lewiston, ID.

4 Easy Furnace Maintenance Tips

  • Learn how to maintain your system and what it needs.

While natural gas and electric furnaces are the most common in the United States, propane, geothermal, and heat pumps are now becoming more popular. Knowing the type of heating system you have and keeping it in good working order is essential.

Some systems, like heat pumps, will need to be serviced twice a year. Whereas some systems, such as a natural gas furnace, require annual inspections and tune-ups. In any case, getting your furnace tuned up by an HVAC expert every year is the best way to ensure it is functioning.

Our furnace tune-up expert in Lewiston, ID, will inspect your furnace for any operational issues and perform various maintenance activities. You can prevent future problems with your system by cleaning it, increasing its efficiency, and ensuring it works properly.

  • Clogged Filters

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent HVAC malfunctioning. The performance and efficiency of your system will suffer if your filters are clogged. For help, contact us for furnace maintenance services in Lewiston, ID.

  • The Furnace area should be Cleaned and Cleared of Debris.

Keep the space clear of debris and clean around the furnace. Since there are active flames within your furnace, keep everything combustible away from it. Additionally, a dirty basement could be dangerous since dust can block the furnace and make it fail.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors must be Functional.

A carbon monoxide detector will alert you if your furnace develops a CO leak. This leak could endanger the lives of you and your family. Ensure your smoke detectors are operating and their batteries are fresh.

Now Is The Time To Consider An Efficient Solution

Replacing or improving an existing system under certain circumstances may be necessary. The latest high-efficiency furnace is the easiest solution if your old, worn-out, inefficient, or considerably larger furnace needs to be replaced.

Consider other ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency before purchasing a new furnace or replacing an existing one, and then have your furnace professionally sized. Choosing the right furnace size is an essential factor in maximizing efficiency. Compare the warranties of each furnace you are considering and select one with a good reputation.

While searching for high-efficiency furnaces, look for ENERGY STAR certification. With affordable heating costs, it will be difficult to justify the additional expenditures required to increase efficiency from 80% to 90% or higher. Even so, you should always consider your options.

As the furnace ages, its parts are prone to wear and tear that even regular maintenance can’t prevent. You can rely on the Ultimate Heating & Refrigeration INC. experts to give suggestions according to your specific requirements for a furnace tune-up in Lewiston, ID. To arrange an inspection and consultation, call (208) 596-7757.