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Ductless AC Installation In Lewiston, ID

Ductless AC Installation in Lewiston, ID, and Surrounding Areas

You may want to consider a ductless AC unit if you’reinstalling a new air conditioning system in your home or business. Ductless AC systems, also known as mini-split systems, offer a number of benefits over traditional ducted systems, including greater energy efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. Unlimited Heating & Refrigeration Inc. is a leading provider of ductless AC installation in Lewiston, ID, and the surrounding areas. We are here to help you determine if a ductless system is right for your needs, so give us a call at (208) 596-7757.


What Is A Ductless AC Unit?

A ductless AC unit is a type of air conditioning system that does not require the use of ducts to distribute cooled air throughout a building. Instead, it consists of an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and condenser and one or more indoor units that are mounted on the walls or ceilings of the rooms being cooled. Each indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit by a small conduit that contains power and refrigerant lines.

The indoor units are equipped with a small, discreet air handler that blows cooled air into the room. A remote or a thermostat can control the temperature of the room, and the indoor units can be turned on and off independently, allowing you to customize the cooling in each room.

Why Install A Ductless AC?

There are several reasons why installing a ductless AC for your home in Lewiston, ID, may be the right choice for you:

  • Energy efficiency: Ductless units are highly energy efficient, as they do not require the energy-intensive process of ductwork installation and air distribution. This can result in significant energy savings, particularly in older homes that may not have well-insulated ducts.
  • Flexibility: Ductless systems offer great flexibility in terms of placement and installation. They do not require ducts, so they can be installed in many locations and configurations, making them ideal for homes or businesses with unique floor plans or limited space for ductwork.
  • Zone control: As mentioned earlier, each indoor unit of a ductless air conditioner can be controlled independently, allowing you to customize the cooling in each room. This can be especially useful if you have rooms that are rarely used or have different temperature preferences.
  • Quiet operation: These units are known for their quiet operation, as the indoor units produce minimal noise, and the outdoor unit is located outside the building.

Long-Term Benefits of Ductless AC Installation

In addition to the immediate benefits of energy efficiency and flexibility, there are a number of long-term benefits to investing in ductless AC installation if you live in the Lewiston, ID, area:

  • Improved air quality: These systems do not circulate air through ducts, which can harbor dust, mold, and other contaminants. So, the air quality in your home or business may improve after the installation.
  • Reduced maintenance: Ductless units have fewer components than traditional ducted systems, which means fewer parts can malfunction or require maintenance. This can save you money on repairs and maintenance over the life of the unit.
  • Increased property value: A ductless system can be attractive for potential buyers or renters, as it can help lower energy costs and improve indoor air quality. This may increase the value of your property.

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