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When Should You Contact A Plumber If A Drain Is Clogged?

It is simple to overlook your plumbing system, where issues sometimes develop quietly before becoming evident after the damage has already been done. Below some information is provided on how to deal with clogs and whether you should contact a professional plumber.

1. Where in My Plumbing System Can Clogs Form?

  • Bathroom Clogs

Shower sinks, and toilets may all become clogged. Hair is frequently at blame if your bathroom drain is plugged in. Cleaning the additional hair out can solve the problem of a clogged shower drain, tub drain, or sink drain. In this situation, you might need to seek expert assistance from Lewiston plumbers.

  • Kitchen Clogs

Clogs tend to form most frequently in your kitchen sink and dishwasher. Use the garbage disposal properly to avoid a buildup of food waste. Never stick your hand inside a stopped-up garbage disposal.

  • Laundry and Clogs

Lint traps that aren’t functioning can cause clogged plumbing near the washing machine. Grease stains on clothing and laundry soap can both clog washing machines.

2. Can I Clear My Clog?

Sink and tub drains can be unclogged using a plumber’s snake or even a coat hanger, while you can clear most toilet clogs with a plunger. Being mindful of what you’re putting in your drains will help avoid clogs.

To keep your garbage disposal and sink drain free, scrape your plates into the trash before rinsing them in the sink. Although there are several solutions that homeowners can use to unclog drains, experts for plumbing services in Lewiston, ID, advise against using any chemical drain cleaning.

3. When Does a Clog Require a Professional Plumber?

A variety of factors influence the severity of a plumbing blockage. Your knowledge of a fresh blockage may help a plumber locate it quickly. Ultimately, Lewiston plumbers can unclog any drain regardless of the symptoms you observe.

Don’t hesitate to call a qualified plumber for help if you encounter a drain issue you cannot resolve. The longer you put off clearing your drains, the more damage they may sustain.

  • Where is It?

The clogged location in your plumbing is one of the most vital factors. Most residential pipes are located in awkward locations, such as beneath floors and behind walls. Some obstructions could require special machinery to access them.

  • Can Water Move?

You can get rid of the clog if the pipes are still draining. It’s generally safer for a licensed plumber to take a look if a fixture or appliance is entirely blocked up.

  • Why Did the Clog Begin?

Some chemicals may affect your plumbing more severely than others. Even while simple organic waste like hair or coffee is unpleasant, it is usually simple to remove on your own. The complexity of other materials, such as sewage, can be high. A professional’s expertise is required to remove these obstructions.

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