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No Cold Air? – Is Your AC Broken?

In the sweltering summer sun, few things are more frustrating than a broken air conditioning system. If your air conditioner isn’t pumping cool air, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot it. Of course, whether you need service or maintenance, you can always contact an HVAC specialist. We provide quick and convenient services for AC repair in Lewiston, ID.

Here Are Some Reasons For This Problem –

1. Issues With Power

If the air conditioner isn’t pumping air, double-check that it’s wired into the socket properly and that the power cord is still attached. If the outlet and cable are not well, the problem may be with your electrical panel. Your air conditioner could have blown a fuse or crashed a breaker because it requires huge pulses of electricity. Overload switches are installed into several systems.

2. Filter That is Clogged

If the duct becomes clogged, certain air conditioners have a built-in feature that shuts the machine down. This is to keep the motor from overheating and causing harm. It’s also possible that the filter is clogged and preventing proper airflow. Check the filter in your device and clean or repair it as needed.

3. The Accumulation of Ice

Ice deposition in your air conditioner can be caused by dirty coils or filters, which cause inadequate ventilation or a lack of refrigerant. Clean the regulator and coils on your air conditioning unit to see if changing the airflow solves the problem.

If ice has formed, you’ll need to operate the device with only the fan to melt it away. If that doesn’t work, try turning on the air conditioner again.

4. Problems With The Thermostat

If your electricity is fine, but your air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air, it’s possible that the thermostat on your device isn’t set to the right setting. To see if the machine will start, turn the knob down or press the buttons to the lowest position. Check all wiring into the thermostat unit.

5. A Compressor That is Filthy

Cleaning the areas around the compressor and shielding it for the winter must be part of your routine maintenance. Leaves, soil, and other debris may accumulate over time, causing the device to malfunction.

While some homeowners do compressor cleaning themselves, for the best performance, hire a specialist. This guarantees that the unit is properly cleaned and maintained.

6. Refrigerant Levels Are Minimal.

Coolant should not go bad or deplete; contrary to conventional belief, a refrigerant leak is a natural cause of a lack of cold air. Slow leakage may cause refrigerant levels to drop over time, necessitating a line inspection and device recharge to get the system blowing cool air again. Because of the complexity of cooling systems, this should be performed by an expert.

A certified heating and air conditioning installation Lewiston, ID, technician assures that the equipment is in good working order. They also audit the device to ensure that it complies with all applicable local and national building codes. In question, seek competent assistance rather than risk more damage to the system by attempting DIY repair.

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