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3 Most Common Furnace Problems & Solutions

A furnace will exhibit many operational issues and breakdowns during its years of operation. Even if you have the most expensive and technologically laced model, experiencing trouble with your furnace isn’t entirely impossible.

Furnaces are machines, and they go through numerous wear and tear over the years. Routine maintenance keeps such degradations in check and may even maintain your furnace’s performance, but a few common problems are inevitable.

To deal with such problems, owners must acquaint themself with everything there is to know about such common furnace problems. An early contingency plan can help stabilize and limit the failure when they present themself. To help you with your endeavor, we have listed three common furnace problems and how you may employ quick solutions to stop further damage until professional help arrives.

1. The furnace Won’t Turn On

A variety of different issues may cause common furnace problems. Therefore, owners have to pay close attention to a few other aspects of the problem, like when the issue becomes most prominent, how long it lasts, etc.

If your furnace doesn’t turn on, it’s most likely that the breaker has tripped and cut off the electricity supply to the furnace. A breaker is a safety tool that limits a high surge of electricity from damaging appliances in your household. If your breaker trips often, it is possible that your furnace is drawing more power than it should because of one or more reasons.

Other Factors Keeping a Furnace from Turning on Could be

  • Thermostat issues
  • Ignition switch issues
  • A safety switch is turned on

2. Cold Air Blowing From the Vents

Cold air from your furnace can be caused for a hoard of reasons like

  • Thermostat Issues: Most of the time, monitoring your thermostat will solve issues like cold air blowing through your furnace. Make sure the thermostat is working properly by checking its wirings and batteries. Any special, energy-efficient feature may also hinder furnace operation. Try resetting the thermostat to the factory settings and turning it on again.
  • Overheating Issues: contrary to general belief, an overheating issue is likely to cause cold air to blow through the registers as the furnace keeps shutting down for safety reasons. If your furnace keeps blowing cold air in intervals, check for factors that might be causing overheating issues, such as clogged filters, insufficient insulation, etc.
  • Duct Issues: problems with a household’s ductwork can cause a range of issues, including inefficient heating and cold air through registers. A leak or crack will let the cold air from within the space flow into the rooms. A poorly installed ductwork will also be susceptible to cracks and inefficient airflow.

3. Presence of a Loud Grinding Noise

Common furnace problems like a loud grinding noise are often caused by a broken or loose blower motor component. The loose components like a blade can grind against the panels and cause loud grinding noises, but a loose bolt or worn bearing may also cause similar grinding noises. A professional furnace tune-up in Lewiston, ID, takes care of all such furnace problems and improves performance and efficiency.

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